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Guide to the Best Eyebrow Tattoo in Denver

Guide to the Best Eyebrow Tattoo in Denver
Guide to the Best Eyebrow Tattoo in Denver

Who doesn't want sleek and full eyebrows like their favorite actresses and beauty influencers? The idea of enjoying natural and well-defined eyebrows without everyday brow application is tempting. Thus, giving rise to the popularity of eyebrow tattoos.

Needless, to say with the rise of the natural bushy brow trend, the demand for eyebrow tattooing has increased. You may also be tempted to try this new trend; however, contemplate the ideas due to numerous doubts creeping in. Continue to read to find out all the answers.

How Does Eyebrow Tattooing Works?

Cosmetic tattoos first gained attention in the 1980s and were drawn with fuzzy-edged lines and harsh colors. Moreover, there was no subtlety in application and color.

Nowadays, you will see a subtle transformation in the techniques of cosmetic tattoos. The popular technique is micro shading and micro blading.

The best eyebrow tattoo in Denver uses pigments and commonly does not last more than five years. It is deposited into the skin layer, the dermis. The pigments for cosmetic tattoo comes in soft color, thus, offering subtle result. The eyebrow tattoo requires at least two treatments.

When performed under the supervision of a doctor, they are highly beneficial for individuals going through cancer treatment or suffering from alopecia.

What are the Techniques Used for Eyebrow Tattoo?

Powder and microblading are the two common techniques used for eyebrow tattooing. Let's find out more about each technique.

• Microblading- It is also known as feathering. In this technique of the best eyebrow tattoo in Denver, hair strokes are created by manually inscribing pigment into the skin. It is performed with a manual tool and hand. It has a smoother finish.

The pigmentation is deposited more superficially and thus requires frequent touch-ups. It is not recommended for oily skins.

• Powder Brows- It is also known as micro shading and ombre brows. In this technique, a digital device creates a defined and solid look. As compared to microblading, it requires fewer touch-ups. It is suitable for every skin type.

Some of the artists use a combination of both techniques.

How Many Days it Take for Eyebrow Tattoo to Heal and How Long it Last?

It takes about ten days for an eyebrow tattoo to heal.

An eyebrow tattoo may last between 18 months to 24 months. It also depends on genetics, oily skin, immunity problems, and sun exposure.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a permanent solution to re-defining your eyebrow, you should book an appointment with an eyebrow tattoo artist. If you still have any doubts regarding the procedure, you can discuss the same with the artist. Relax and be comfortable in your journey to stunning eyebrows.

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